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Friday, Oct 07, 2022

WHO recognizes ‘Weqaya’ as a national center for influenza in Saudi Arabia

WHO recognizes ‘Weqaya’ as a national center for influenza in Saudi Arabia

Public Health Authority "Weqaya" has obtained the recognition of the World Health Organization (WHO) as a national center for influenza in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on WHO'S evaluation results of Weqaya's public health laboratories".
The evaluation included ensuring that all recognition criteria and requirements are met, as well as the requirements related to quality, security and biosafety.

This recognition comes not only due to the achievement of the highest standards and quality in the authority's laboratories, but also to Weqaya's regular participation in the WHO external quality assurance project, and the regularity of reports related to influenza surveillance data submitted to WHO.

Weqaya’s public health laboratories work as a national reference, as they support the authority’s scope of work based on building a comprehensive monitoring system that includes epidemiological surveillance activities for influenza viruses and other respiratory pathogens.

Weqaya also supports WHO efforts to ensure rapid response through effective participation in providing scientific advice to decision-makers at the national level. The laboratories' efforts through the authority contribute to reaching the necessary recommendations regarding seasonal influenza vaccine formulas.

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