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Friday, Sep 17, 2021

Saudi launches regional and international cruises

Saudi launches regional and international cruises

The Saudi Tourism Authority launched cruise trips as part of the "Saudi Summer 2021" programme. The trips enable tourists of all categories to have fun in the heart of the Red Sea and explore nature.
The Saudi initiative plans to boost tourism and achieve goals of Vision 2030, Saudi Gazette reported.

It is the first-time trips from Saudi Arabia have taken place to regional and international destinations.

The giant resort ship “Pelisima” departs from Jeddah to Yanbu islands, the shores of Jordan and the coasts of Egypt.

Cruise travellers will be able to enjoy luxurious hotel services including, seaside rooms, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, gyms, beauty salons, restaurants and cafes.

Water parks for children, an electronic entertainment hall, balconies for watching sunsets and 96-metre walkways will also be available. Hotel services will also include libraries, and travellers can reserve their seats in theatrical galleries.

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