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Friday, Dec 02, 2022

Saudi Arabia stresses importance of enhancing gains of GCC cultural sector

Minister of Culture Prince Badr Bin Abdullah Bin Farhan affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is looking forward to strengthening cultural cooperation among the GCC countries, and exploring its new horizons, in light of the confirmation of the final communiqué of AlUla of the 41st session of the Supreme Council, and the importance of strengthening the GCC action.

The Kingdom was keen to harness all its capabilities to contribute to enhancing the gains of the cultural sector in the GCC countries, preserving its strength, and expediting its recovery in light of the challenges imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

This came in a speech of Minister of Culture, delivered on his behalf by Deputy Minister of Culture of Saudi Arabia, who is the chairman of the current session, Hamed Bin Mohammed Al-Fayez, at the 26th meeting of the Ministers of Culture of the GCC countries, which was held here Wednesday.

The ministers concerned with the cultural affairs in the GCC countries participated with GCC Secretary-General Dr. Nayef Bin Falah Al-Hajraf too attending.

The meeting reviewed a number of cultural issues within the framework of developing and strengthening the joint GCC cultural work and setting policies and frameworks organizing them with the aim of creating a cultural development plan that achieves the vision of the GCC countries on strengthening the cultural identity.

Arts figures honored on the sidelines of Riyadh meeting

Deputy Minister of Culture Fayez presented awards to a group of dignitaries from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on behalf of Prince Badr for their contributions to advancing cultural achievements in the GCC region.

Numerous dignitaries attended this occasion, which was held in conjunction with the 26th meeting of the GCC Ministers of Culture and was hosted by the GCC Cultural Committee.

This honor reflects the GCC Cultural Committee's desire to highlight the figures of the GCC countries and its appreciation for their vital and effective role in fostering joint cultural endeavors as well as what they provide to support and enhance Arab culture and Gulf identity.

This honor is also based on the committee's unique strategic objectives, which encourage the production of cultural works linked to identity, elevate the value of citizenship, and strengthen its position as the leading cultural organization in the GCC.


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