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Thursday, Dec 08, 2022

Saudi Arabia sets up advanced GIS centers to manage spatial data

Saudi Arabia sets up advanced GIS centers to manage spatial data

Saudi Arabia keeps pace with the rest of the world by introducing advanced research centers in geographical sciences, achieving a breakthrough in geospatial technologies and meeting the requirements of the labor market of specialists per the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
In addition, they are building bridges of cooperation with public and private institutions related to the same field, as the world celebrates the Geographic Information Systems Day (GIS), coinciding on Nov.r 13 of each year, to enhance awareness of GIS technology, and discuss the obstacles related to its applications.

The Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) is one of the first leading government agencies in the Kingdom mandated with using spatial information systems management for its various scientific and technical activities.

SGS uses GIS and remote sensing techniques side by side in research, geological and environmental studies, and mineral wealth management, where spatial information systems contribute effectively in many of SGS projects.

In addition, it provides decision-makers with information with a spatial dimension that effectively contributed to the successful management of SGS technical projects.

SGS official spokesman, Tariq Bin Ali Aba Al-Khail, said the authority is concerned with geographic information systems due to their importance in creating, collecting, analyzing, and managing spatial data and information in its various forms and images, through the use of GIS and GPS technologies.

He pointed out that remote sensing technology contributes to the optimal and comprehensive understanding of most natural phenomena and supports the spatial linkage between the components of natural events to understand and interpret many natural phenomena.

The authority has the capabilities to provide technical services in geographic information technology such as geological and topographic maps with different drawing scales for various sectors, and technical consultations for many projects and centers of spatial information systems for various public and private agencies, as well as research centers and providing them with the necessary spatial data.

Aba Al-Khail highlighted that SGS aims to apply and use geographic information systems in its technical projects and activities to raise the efficiency of digitally output products, improve knowledge management about the components of spatial information systems, reduce risks through the use of spatial analysis tools in predicting disasters and ward off risks.

This is in addition to supporting decision makers with qualified tools to take appropriate solutions to natural problems and ways to deal with them.

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