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Friday, Oct 07, 2022

Saudi Arabia has a total of 262 theatres

Saudi Arabia has a total of 262 theatres

There are a total of 262 theaters and galleries for theatrical performances in the Kingdom, according to a report on the cultural situation in Saudi Arabia. The capital city of Riyadh comes first with the highest number of 52 theatres and galleries.
The report pointed out that the capacity of the largest theaters reached 18,000 people. These included 11 theaters in the headquarters of the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts (SASCA), 13 theaters in the headquarters of literary clubs, and 12 theaters in the Riyadh season.

The total number of galleries is estimated at 75, including 16 galleries in the branches of SASCA; six galleries in literary clubs; and 17 galleries in the branches of the Saudi Society for Fine Arts.

The report showed that the theater and performing arts sector witnessed a remarkable diversity in the supply due to organizational developments, and the multiplicity of actors and private theater groups, which held more than 46 local theatrical performances in addition to imported shows, as well as the visual arts sector that returned to private art galleries at an average double rate of performances with the staging of 275 shows.

The total artistic participation accounted for 121 exhibitions, with an average of seven exhibitions in one hall and more than 1033 participants, equally between male and female artists. The theatrical publishing witnessed a relative recovery with 14 books that include theatrical works and historical or documentary works.

The Theater and Performing Arts Commission is working on the ‘Theatrical Archive’ project, which aims to archive theatrical works and studies related to Saudi theater. The commission has carried out textual archives of 74 plays.

The report confirmed that the two branches of SASCA in Al-Ahsa and Dammam continued to lead a theatrical activity at the level of local performances, produced and evaluated by theatrical troupes affiliated with SASCA, with 11 theatrical performances.

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