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Thursday, Jan 20, 2022

New documentary shares Saudi small business stories

New documentary shares Saudi small business stories

The Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha’at) has launched a documentary that tells the stories of the rise of national enterprises and the expansion of their businesses.
The film, titled “Stroke of Luck,” was produced in cooperation with the Information Ministry’s Center for Government Communication.

In the documentary, leaders from national companies shed light on the progress of their institutions since their establishment. They discussed the most difficult challenges they faced, the major turning points in their businesses and lessons learnt during their experiences.

The center supervised the production phase of the documentary, which took around three months to produce. Ten Saudi experts working in photography and production completed the film.

A specialized team in documentary production within the center supervised the study, analysis, preparation and editorial structure.

CEO of the Saudi Treasures Initiative at the CGC, Abdullah Al-Ahmari, said: “‘Stroke of Luck’ aims to document the experience of entrepreneurs and provide inspiration through successful stories and the different examples that appear in the film.”

He added: “Monsha’at’s choice for the CGC to supervise the documentary’s production is a reflection of the integration and harmony between government agencies and within the framework of benefiting from the center’s experience in producing creative films.”

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