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Thursday, Jul 07, 2022

‘Musical Culture’ to be introduces in Saudi schools

‘Musical Culture’ to be introduces in Saudi schools

The Music Commission launched on Monday an extra-curricular activity called “Musical Culture” in Saudi schools with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education.
The new initiative will provides enrichment content on ‘Madrasati’ platform, the online education platform, with the aim of providing interested students with a clear idea of ​​music, skills of writing musical notes, and learning international artists techniques.

It will also enable students to understand and differentiate between popular musical styles in the Kingdom, and to identify musical instruments.

The activity deals with multiple topics and a general definition in each episode with a detailed explanation of technical concepts, theories and rules, selections of various musical instruments, their classification, manufacture, and playing technique.

The activity will address different topics in virtual classes on the Madrasati platform, such as ‘a Brief About Some Musical Personalities’, and ‘The Saudi Musical Heritage’. This will introduce students to Various traditional musical styles of the different regions of the Kingdom.

It is noteworthy that the 2022 academic year witnessed the inclusion of 100 private schools for teaching music in its programs, as the Ministry of Culture supported schools by providing musical instruments and providing the necessary support for the development of basic artistic skills for students.

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