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Friday, Dec 02, 2022

KAUST’s world-class research, showcased at FII, an investment in the global economy

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) participates in the 6th edition of the Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference, here alongside distinguished institutions and thought leaders from around the world, from CEOs and policymakers to investors and entrepreneurs, under the theme, “Investing in Humanity: Enabling a New Global Order.”
A leader of research excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KAUST attends this international forum as an FII "Knowledge Partner" — an expression of the commitment of both KAUST and the FII Institute to develop scientific research and make knowledge accessible to everyone. The KAUST pavilion at FII is a showcase of innovative research and sustainability-focused startups developed at the University.

KAUST President Dr. Tony Chan said, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing remarkable transformation, and KAUST’s world-class research is helping to facilitate such change. Through our collaborations with the industrial sector, government agencies and deep-tech startups, we are contributing to a deep technological ecosystem in the Kingdom with the goal to provide a sustainable future for all.”

KAUST provides the framework and expertise needed for innovation, entrepreneurship and impact through its state-of-the-art facilities, cross-disciplinary centers, expert faculty, investment in deep-tech startups, and partnerships and exchange with the world’s finest minds.

Its research focus extends to areas of national and global impact such as smart health, artificial intelligence, food and water security, marine conservation, and climate change.

President Chan added, “In support of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals, KAUST’s technical solutions and research innovations attract investors from around the world. KAUST is a startup incubator in the nation, providing facilities needed for research and development, funding and entrepreneurial support to transfer our research to the market in innovative ways.”

KAUST leaders participating at FII engaged in event activities such as lectures, seminars, and dialogue sessions. President Chan moderated a seminar on "The Future of Education."

Associate director of the KAUST Clean Combustion Research Center, Dr. Mani Sarathy, professor of chemical and biological engineering, participated in a lecture supported by KAUST titled, “The Hydrogen economy: solution or illusion?”

Sarathy said, “Saudi Arabia will become a global leader in the Green Hydrogen Economy by implementing progressive energy policy, giga-scale investments, and a transformative socio-political framework that democratizes the energy landscape.”

KAUST Professor of Chemistry Kuo-Wei Huang added, “KAUST is pioneering the development of formic acid as a net-zero hydrogen energy carrier for enabling the large-scale implementation of low-carbon energy production to reduce the environmental footprint of modern society.”

Professor Chan concluded: “We are particularly proud of these sustainability-related projects that aim to address the most prominent challenges facing the Kingdom and the world.”

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