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Saturday, Nov 26, 2022

Involve youth in making crucial decisions to raise their sense of leadership

Involve youth in making crucial decisions to raise their sense of leadership

Saudi Arabia's Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman has stressed that the country's youth cannot achieve a sense of leadership unless they are involved in making crucial decisions.
During his speech in a dialogue session within the Misk Global Forum 2022 (MGF22), the prince said harsh practical experience forced him to involve everyone in making crucial decisions at the Energy Ministry despite underlying difficulties.

"It is important for everyone to feel that they participated in making a decision," Prince Abdulaziz noted, adding, "Then there is no excuse for those who participated in making the decision."

While confirming the fact that 70% of the employees in the Ministry of Energy are under 40 years old, Prince Abdulaziz said they hired the youth in the ministry because "they are the ones who will achieve Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030."

He said all companies, agencies and establishments must give the youth the necessary opportunity and attention, when also being keen to benefit from the young people who would be doing utmost efforts to prove themselves.

Prince Abdulaziz said, "I will continue to serve Saudi Arabia, and devote all my efforts to achieve its renaissance until I will be asked to stay home."

Regarding employees' mistakes, the prince said he too makes mistakes, and will continue doing so. "Nobody can work without making any mistakes," he added.

Prince Abdulaziz said the Misk Foundation formed over the past decade an integrated vital system to tap the youth's energies and creative skills in several fields.

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