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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Importance of Saudization, knowledge transfer and development of human capabilities stressed

Importance of Saudization, knowledge transfer and development of human capabilities stressed

Two discussion sessions were held Wednesday within the activities of the first edition of the Financial Academy Forum 2022 that dealt with growth and development of human capabilities in the financial sector.
The first session, entitled "The Importance of Developing Human Capabilities in the Financial Sector", was moderated by the expert in the financial sector, Thamer Al-Issa, with the participation of Chief Human Capital Officer at Riyad Bank, Mazen Khalifa, Chairperson of the Capital Market Institutions Committee, Head of Asset Management and CIO HSBC Saudi Arabia, Munira Al-Dosari, Chairman of the Human Resources Subcommittee in the Insurance Sector, General Manager at Buruj Cooperative Insurance Company Abdulrahman Al-Dokheel.

The session aims to develop the human capabilities in the financial sector through the designing and implementation of training and development programs, setting standards and granting professional certificates.

The session noted the leadership’s role and keenness in developing resources and developing human capabilities in terms of risk management, employee gain, and loyalty to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 because when the leadership adopts it, it is easy for them to empower, develop, and progress to provide an educational work environment in terms of enabling managers to nominate their employees to obtain skills through training courses.

The participants talked about the standards used in the training centers, as they differ from one facility to another, and the standards of 'quality' in the materials presented to the employee. They also addressed plans to develop human cadres that are involved under the quality of operations in the Human Resources Department through recruitment, training, and enhancing work performance and efficiency.

The first session dealt with the Saudization of jobs and how to transfer knowledge in order to achieve the goals of the Saudization agenda in the Kingdom in accordance with Vision 2030.

The second session was titled "Innovation in Human Capital Development", moderated by Christine Kowal, senior director at Ernst and Young, and participated by Hamish Madan, vice president of the Center for Creative Leadership, Professor of Strategic Management at Monarch Business School and award-winning strategist Corrie Block, and Matthew Griffin, award winning futurist and international keynote speaker.

They stressed that the Kingdom has made great strides and great changes in recent years in various sectors, including the financial sector, developing human cadres, and launching many initiatives to develop human capabilities.

They pointed out that there is a lack of capabilities and abilities needed by the management of institutions, including human resources and the provision of an appropriate environment for their development, noting the importance of providing comfort, safety, and security for employees within the institution.

During the session, the speakers discussed the return on investment in developing leading skills and the interest of leading organizations in developing leading skills.

They stressed that companies and institutions always attract qualified human capabilities and carry modern experience in order to raise their profits and achieve their goals and strategy, referring to the importance of raising the mental level of employees in all sectors.

They also indicated that many concepts have changed in the financial sector in recent years, stressing the importance of raising the level of skills in human resources by training in artificial intelligence skills, new technologies, and developing skills related to leading.

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