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Friday, Dec 02, 2022

IMC in Jeddah launches annual comprehensive breast cancer awareness campaign

IMC in Jeddah launches annual comprehensive breast cancer awareness campaign

The International Medical Center in Jeddah launched a comprehensive awareness campaign for breast cancer awareness, throughout the month of October.
The campaign focuses on encouraging women to detect breast cancer in its early stages and introducing them to the self-detection mechanism,in addition to introducing the procedures that should be followed when cancer is detected.The aim is creating an educated society fully aware of the risks of breast cancer and the methods of prevention.

The campaign came in line with the directions of the Kingdom, represented by the Ministry of Health and the Breast Cancer Early Detection Project launched by the Ministry itself, and based on the social responsibility programs of the IMC, under two motivating and positive titles (you are stronger by hope - your emblem is rosy).

As part of the campaign to encourage early examinations, the IMC offered a special 50% discount on mammograms that continued throughout the month of October.They were conducted at both the headquarters of the IMC and the First Clinic branch at Etoile Center, which were decorated in pink across the facades of each building.

The campaign launched by the IMC included implementing a bundle of awareness activities, which began by broadcasting continuous awareness messages through social media accounts, and then holding interactive awareness events at the headquarters of the IMC for a period of three days, during which health intellectuals were present throughout the day to answer questions and distribute awareness brochures. In addition to that, a series of radio episodes were being broadcasted on MIX FM Radio under the title (your wellness with the IMC), including an episode on (women and the importance of breast examinations), an episode on (breast health), and an episode on (breast cancer... its types and treatment).

The campaign also included a live broadcast from the International Medical Center on social media within the weekly series (the wellness dialogues) covering the topic of (therapeutic integration for breast cancer) through a medical team that includes all specialties for an integrated treatment procedure, in addition to another live broadcast episode through social media on (the role of diagnostic and nuclear radiology in the service of the oncology patient). The live broadcasts witnessed an interaction from the audience by asking questions and inquiring about many matters related to prevention, examination and the procedures that every woman should be familiar with regarding a health-promoting lifestyle.

It is worth noting that 99% of the women who initiate the examination have healthy results, and in the event of early breast cancer detection, the treatment journey becomes safer, by the grace of God Almighty, as early detection increases the cure rate by 95% making the treatment faster and easier. This is possible since treatment begins early with a safe minimal dose of radiation, along with periodic mammographic screening, which is the best method for early detection in women aged 40 years and above, since it also helps detect tumors that cannot be detected by self-examination.

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