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Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Ehsan platform launches blood donation service

Ehsan platform launches blood donation service

The National Platform for Charitable Work (Ehsan) has announced the launch of a blood donation service in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.
Ehsan said that it has made it possible to book appointments through its official platform and connect donors with blood banks in order to save more lives.

People who want to donate blood can view the blood donation centers on the service page on the Ehsan platform website and then choose the appropriate center for them.

They will be asked to fill out the form to be able to book an appointment for the donation.

It is worth noting that the blood donation service is considered the first service on the Ehsan platform that offers a non-financial donation.

Ehsan indicated that the blood donation service aims, in its next stages, to develop and expand the processes of linking donors directly to the cases who are in need of blood.

Ehsan platform has contributed in facilitating and easing the process of reaching the financial donations donated by people to more than 4.8 million beneficiaries in the 17 months since its launch.

The total donations exceeded SR2 billion and SR500 million, and it is characterized by being aimed at empowering the charitable sector digitally and maximizing its impact.

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