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Monday, Sep 26, 2022

Egyptian father-of-two live streams death by suicide on Facebook

Egyptian father-of-two live streams death by suicide on Facebook

A 31-year-old Egyptian man live-streamed his death by suicide on Facebook, local media reported on Friday.
The man, who was identified as Amr Zayed, swallowed two aluminum phosphide tablets, commonly known as “grains tablets” in Egypt as they are an insecticide used to protect crops.

His cousins rushed him to the hospital in an attempt to save his life, however, he died immediately after arriving there.

Zayed decided to end his life due to feelings of injustice generated by disputes with his maternal uncles over inheritance, Egyptian daily al-Masry al-Youm quoted his wife as saying.

Zayed’s wife said her husband’s mental state collapsed due to constant arguments with his uncles over inheritance, adding that his uncles often assaulted him and made false accusations against him.

“They made him reach a [breaking point]. [Our children] Basmala and Mohammed do not deserve this. I want those who hurt him punished,” Zayed’s wife said, adding that Zayed’s uncles took away his mother’s inheritance.

In a letter that was found after he died, Zayed emotionally explained the sense of injustice he felt.

“No one ended my life. I ended my own life to go to God who is more merciful than [humans],” he reportedly wrote.

According to al-Masry al-Youm, Zayed also named several people in his letter accusing them of being unfair to him.

“Do not attend my funeral or enter my house… I am your opponent until doomsday.”

“No one but my opponents is responsible for my death. God will punish them,” he added.

The public prosecution has reportedly been informed of the incident and it’s expected to summon those named by Zayed to interrogate them.

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