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Monday, Nov 28, 2022

Egyptian eco-friendly water bottle launched on sidelines of COP27

Egyptian eco-friendly water bottle launched on sidelines of COP27

Egyptian-produced eco-friendly water bottles are taking pride of place on the tables of world leaders and delegates attending the COP27 climate summit.
The recently launched Good Water bottles are being distributed around a host of events taking place at the UN conference on climate change in Sharm El-Sheikh.

As part of Egypt’s vision toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, hundreds of young people have been handing out the mineral water bottles which are made from plant materials and fitted with caps manufactured using a biopolymer derived from sugar cane.

Following the product launch on the sidelines of COP27, the inexpensive, blue, 500-mililiter Good Water bottles will go on sale in Egypt at the beginning of next year.

The water is sterilized before being packaged in cartons to protect it from light. Designed to meet internationally approved environmental standards, the production process does not use any fossil fuel, the bottles can be reused, and they decompose far quicker than plastic.

The Good Water company was established earlier this year by a group of Egyptian entrepreneurs with backing from national investors.

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