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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

SDAIA launches 'Tawakkalna services' app to benefit people

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) has announced the launch of 'Tawakkalna services' app through which it provides more than 140 services in one place to benefit people and to facilitate their access to services.
The Tawakkalna Services application includes several services that benefit people with all their needs, such as: passports, the digital wallet approved by government agencies that contains the identity and personal cards of the individual, reviewing driving licenses, insurance, deeds and agencies.

It also includes the donating service by Ehsan platform, information correction, Tawakkalna code, certify mobile number, and many more.

It noted that the well-known “Tawakkalna” app will be limited only to the services to COVID-19 pandemic, as it will include proving the health status of the individuals and the health passport, coronavirus PCR tests and vaccine services, health travel requirements, and management of necessary permits during transportation operations.

SDAIA called on citizens, residents and visitors to download the "Tawakkalna Services” from stores of: App Store, Google Store, AppGallery, Galaxy Store, to benefit from the services provided by the application.

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