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Monday, Jul 04, 2022

Saudi national IDs to have the holders' name printed in English

Saudi national IDs to have the holders' name printed in English

The national ID cards issued to citizens in Saudi Arabia will display the full name of the carrier in English, according to new amendments to the executive regulations of the civil status law.
The new amendments also require the national ID to include the date of birth of the holder and the date of expiry of the card according to the Hijri and Gregorian dates.

The amendments published in the Umm Al-Qura newspaper on Friday included 4 articles of the regulation, the most important of which stipulates what the national identity must contain in both print and digital versions.

The amendments cover the issuance of all civil status documents, printed and digital, such as family records, birth certificates, death certificates and others.

The law stressed that governmental and non-governmental agencies whose work requires verification of the national identity shall not obtain photocopies of the ID. Instead, they may note down the required information.

The civil status authority is responsible for the validity of the national identity and other documents issued by it.

Several conditions have been set for the personal picture in the ID: the photo must be new, colored with a white background, clear and reveal all facial features. It must be without eyeglasses and non-medical lenses and free of any adornment.

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