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Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021

Saudi Govt. Lifts Ban Imposed Due To Covid-19: Babar Awan

Saudi Govt. Lifts Ban Imposed Due To Covid-19: Babar Awan

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Parliamentary Affairs, Babar Awan on Friday said that the restrictions and ban which were imposed due to Covid-19 had been lifted by the Saudi government.
Responding to a question of Senator Zeeshan Khanzada in Senate he said that now those who had been administered two Corona vaccination doses in Pakistan were being allowed direct entry and access in Saudi Arabia.

He informed that the Saudi Foreign Minister had come here to discuss issues with the government of Pakistan. The Saudi Foreign Minister told that due to the initiative of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman had directed the Saudi authorities concerned to resolve all such issues, Babar Awan added.

In the recent visit of Saudi Foreign Minister to Pakistan, the issue was also highlighted by Pakistani Foreign Minister to take steps in order to facilitate the Pakistani workers who had returned to Pakistan after Covid-19 pandemic but have failed to go back to the kingdom due to the strict Covid related restrictions imposed by Saudi Arabia.

However, Saudi Foreign Minister affirmed that they will take all possible measures to resolve the issues of Pakistani Expatriates under the strategic direction set by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman.

To another question of Senator Fida Muhammad, Babar Awan said that United Kingdom (UK) had also lifted the ban imposed due to Covid-19. Now those vaccinated with two doses of Chinese vaccine were being allowed to travel to UK, he added.

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