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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Saudi embassy in Morocco rescues stranded citizen

Saudi embassy in Morocco rescues stranded citizen

Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Morocco came to the rescue of a young Saudi man who was stranded in the African country after losing his money and travel documents.
The young man was found under the grip of utter shock, and that he could remember only that he was from the southern Saudi region of Al-Baha.

The embassy’s intervention came after a video clip, posted by a young Moroccan citizen, about the plight of the man went viral on the social media and the subsequent directive of Al-Baha Emir Prince Hossam Bin Saud to take urgent steps to save him and ensure his safe return back home.

The embassy said in a statement on its Twitter account that it had managed to reach out to the stranded young man. It stated that the man is now in the process of being transferred to a safe residence until the completion of the procedures for his return to the Kingdom.

It is noteworthy that the video became an instant hit among a large number of Twitteratis, especially Saudis during the past hours.

The video showed the young Saudi man named Fahd who was spotted living in the Mohammedia market for second-hand clothes in Morocco.

Social media activists from not only Saudi Arabia but also from all around the Arab world interacted with the video in an attempt to help the young man and reach out to his family.

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