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Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

Residents of Quwaizah being notified to evacuate neighborhood

Residents of Quwaizah being notified to evacuate neighborhood

The Committee for the Random Districts in the Jeddah Governorate has started notifying the residents of Quwaizah neighborhood in the south of the city about the demolition work that will begin on September 4.
Notifying residents in preparation for the start of slums removal works comes within the framework of the slums committee in Jeddah continuing its work according to the executive plan and timetable that was previously announced.

The committee affirmed its interest in continuing to provide all its services to the residents of these neighborhoods, which include distribution of food baskets, assisting the residents to shift home furniture, and enabling them to apply for compensation, as well as permanent housing.

Additionally, the residents will be provided temporary housing until they receive compensation or permanent housing.

Through the project to develop these neighborhoods, the Committee for the Random Districts in Jeddah seeks to improve the quality of life and facilitating the residents' access to all essential services, including health, education and housing services.

Out of 32 random districts in Jeddah, 28 have been leveled, while the razing of the remaining four will be completed next October.

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