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Saturday, Oct 01, 2022

Ministry announces commercial discounts conditions of Saudi National Day

Ministry announces commercial discounts conditions of Saudi National Day

The Ministry of Commerce announced the conditions required to allow establishments to conduct discounts on the Saudi National Day.
The ministry has revealed 5 conditions to allow the discounts, which are: the establishments must issue a permit from the ministry to be able to make national day discounts and sales.

The establishments should place the approved permit in an appropriate and prominent place in the store so that consumers can see it, as well as, it is important to write the discount percentage in a clear line (from and to) so that the consumer can check the difference.

Additionally, the establishments are required to add labels on the discounted products, to show the difference between the price before and after the discounts. In addiiton they are not allowed to announce the discounts more than 15 days before the scheduled start date.

The ministry allowed the establishments to conduct the National Day discounts starting from Sept. 17, and will last until the end of the same month.

The ministry has also stated that the establishment must submit 4 important requirements to be able to issue the discounts permit, which are: they must apply the name and the address of the shop licensed for discounting.

The establishment shall clarify the period of conducting the discounts from the date of its beginning to its end, as well as, they must reveal a list of the products that they will apply the discount offers on, in addition to the announced discount percentage.

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