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Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

Lebanon Fails to Elect President for 4th Time

Lebanon Fails to Elect President for 4th Time

Lebanon's parliament failed on Monday to elect a president for the fourth time, with just a week left until outgoing President Michel Aoun's term ends and warnings of a constitutional crisis growing louder.
With parliament more fractured than ever after May's elections, political blocs have been unable to reach consensus on a candidate to succeed Aoun.

The government is already operating in a caretaker capacity and the country is sinking deeper into a three-year-old financial meltdown.

Economic and political turmoil has sunk the currency by more than 90%, spread poverty, paralyzed the financial system and frozen depositors out of their savings in the most destabilizing crisis since the country's civil war.

Votes in parliament on Monday were split mostly between independent MP Michel Mouawad, scholar Issam Khalife, who was newly nominated, blank ballots and some votes for political slogans, Reuters reported.

Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri set the next session for Thursday, Oct. 27.

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