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Thursday, May 19, 2022

FSC warns of domestic labor services’ bogus offers

FSC warns of domestic labor services’ bogus offers

The Federation of Saudi Chambers (FSC), represented by the National Committee for Human Resources Companies, has warned in a statement on Monday against bogus offers for domestic labor services.
The FSC said that various offers have spread recently deluding citizens by providing several services for domestic workers such as recruitment them, postponing the payment until the completion of the transferring services process to domestic workers, or to waive them for small amounts.

Citizens are exploited with the bogus offers by receiving fake links sent to them via WhatsApp and social networking sites for the purpose of completing the transferring services process and paying expenses for domestic workers.

In fact, the links are used to withdraw funds from citizens’ bank accounts.

The FSC warned that fraudsters use well-known companies names in the links in order to deceive the citizens, which constitutes a full-fledged electronic fraud crime.

The Federation of Saudi Chambers called on citizens not to respond to these messages that take advantage of citizens' need for domestic workers at such times every year.

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