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Monday, Jan 24, 2022

Flexible-work platforms, freelancing and remote working programs among KSA's 2022 goals

Flexible-work platforms, freelancing and remote working programs among KSA's 2022 goals

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) confirmed that one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's goals in 2022 is to manage and motivate flexible-work platforms, to operate freelancing, as well as use remote working programs.
The MHRSD said, according to Al Arabiya, that 3,000 job seekers would be trained and qualified in the occupational safety and health field in Saudi Arabia, and they will be enrolled in the labor market during 2022.

The ministry stressed its transformation to managing job performances, which aims to raise the level of maturity and to enhance the performance management culture for government agencies.Meanwhile, the ministry revealed that it has Saudized about 20 professions and activities in many sectors, as it has created more than 378,000 jobs for job seekers during 2021.

More than 10,000 beneficiaries from social security have been empowered to find a job and start work, as the MHRSD has provided several job opportunities.

The ministry was able to achieve the job target by 140% — employing Saudis in the first half of the current year 2021, as it issued 8,140 work documents.

This reflected positively in organizing and stimulating self-employment in Saudi Arabia by creating job opportunities for Saudis.

It is noteworthy that the unemployment rates in Saudi Arabia have decreased by 12.6% at the end of last year to 11.3% in the middle of the year.

The Crown Prince announced this during the approval of the general budget for the fiscal year of 2022, with estimated total revenue of SR1,045 billion and spending of SR955 billion.

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