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Thursday, Dec 08, 2022

EasyJet’s monthlong Egypt holiday cheaper than paying UK energy bills

EasyJet’s monthlong Egypt holiday cheaper than paying UK energy bills

An all-inclusive holiday package to Egypt, which is said to cost less than an average household’s monthly bill in the UK, has been announced by travel firm easyJet.
The “Escape the UK” break, which includes travel from London Gatwick to the Egyptian resort of Hurghada and includes a 28-day stay in a three-star hotel, as well as all food and drink, costs £650 ($733) per person.

According to financial experts, rent, heating, transport and food costs in the UK over the same period would cost £877 per person, meaning taking a monthlong holiday in Egypt would be £227, or just over 25 percent, cheaper than staying in Britain.

The resort is also close to popular tourist spots such as Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.

“We know that money can be tight at this time of year so we’ve done our best to put together a package that meets most people’s needs without breaking the bank,” a statement on the easyJet website said.

“With return flights, accommodation and meals included we hope this will be an attractive proposition for people looking for a cheap getaway this winter.”

The announcement of the deal, which goes on sale Monday, comes as research has shown about half of British people are considering a winter holiday in order to save on energy bills.

“For those who could viably rent their homes and work abroad, the new package deal by easyJet holidays poses a very attractive offer,” financial expert Lynn Beattie said.

“The data collected in this study is incredibly insightful, showing just how much the average household in the UK will spend on the most basic of living expenses.”

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