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Friday, Sep 17, 2021

Dubai Culture announces activities of its 2021 music programme under the theme 'Year of the Fiftieth’

Dubai Culture announces activities of its 2021 music programme under the theme 'Year of the Fiftieth’

In preparation for the UAE’s celebrations for the Year of the Fiftieth and the wonderful global achievements made by the country, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) announced the activities of its 2021 music programme organised under the theme ‘Year of the Fiftieth.’ The programme will take place virtually from 22 August – 29 November 2021 as part of the ‘Dubai Performing Arts Program’ via Microsoft Teams; citizens and residents are invited to participate and develop their passion for music.

Fatima Al Jallaf, Acting Director of the Performing Arts Department at Dubai Culture , said:“Within this year’s music programme, we are presenting an intensive set of workshops that deal with orchestral instruments and how to harmonise them to compose pieces that would express the spirit and culture of the country. The programme will conclude with a grand concert performed by 50 international musicians from ‘Sharq Orchestra,’ led by Maestro Mohamad Hamami, embodying the harmony and sophistication that the UAE reflects in its fiftieth year.”

Al-Jallaf added:“Through the programme, we aim to provide a rich platform to support promising local talents in the field of music, develop and refine their skills, activate the musical movement in Dubai, and establish a strong music base to discover talents from the new generations and enable them to turn professional. This contributes to enriching the sector with young talents in the fields of musical arts and establishing a real artistic product that reflects the culture and identity of the UAE, thereby strengthening the emirate's position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent as well as contributing to achieving the objectives of the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy.”

The music programme provides a range of interactive specialised training workshops under the supervision of a distinguished elite of musicians from the UAE and the Arab world. The most prominent of these workshops will cover the basics of playing a range of stringed instruments, such as the oud, violin, viola and cello, in addition to an explanation of oriental rhythms.

Based on Dubai Culture's belief that future visions are achieved from experience and learning from mistakes, the Authority allocated two workshops for its employees within the programme titled ‘Learning Through Emotionally Intelligent Conversations' to support them on their journey to help achieve Dubai Vision 2050, highlighting communication techniques based on emotional intelligence for individual and collective development and growth.

Dubai Culture is committed to supporting and preserving the creative talents of citizens and residents as well as to attracting creators in various fields of arts and culture from around the world to study, live and work in Dubai; offering them a rich platform for growth and prosperity in one of the most desirable and ambitious destinations in the world.


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