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Monday, Jul 26, 2021

Dubai breaks world record for deepest pool

Dubai breaks world record for deepest pool

Deep Dive Dubai is the deepest pool in the world and it is expected to open at the end of July. At a depth of just over 60 metres, the inside diving experience is being revolutionised with underwater habitats, cameras, speakers and courses for every level.

Deep Dive Dubai has entered the Guinness World Records for the deepest diving pool in the world. It has a depth of 60.02 meters. The previous record-holder, at 45 meters deep, was Deepspot in Poland.

Located just 15 minutes from downtown Dubai, the pool will be open to the public in late July.

A lot to discover

The pool holds 14 million litres of water. That's the equivalent of six Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Two underwater habitats can also be found at six metres and at 21 metres. To help set the mood and to give messages to divers, the pool is equipped with 27 speakers. The sound can be heard to a depth of 15 metres.

Safety and Hygiene

There is a 12 person hyperbaric chamber ready to treat decompression sickness and other conditions as a precautionary measure. To add to the pool's safety, 56 underwater cameras cover every angle of the pool.

The 12 person hyperbaric chamber, Deep Dive Dubai

Thanks to the most technologically advanced filter system in the region, it only takes six hours to filter the pool's water.

A pool for everyone

Jarrod Jablonski is the Director of Deep Dive Dubai. He tells us that to reach a dive spot of this depth from Dubai would usually take one day of travelling by car, even if the city is on the coastline.

According to Jablonski, the pool is "actually for everybody". When they were designing it, they tried to keep in the mind "the full spectrum of experience".

Reporter Evan Bourke trying out some of the underwater amusements

There's something for everyone from people who have never been in the water before to experienced divers to athletes.

For example, the pool offers a ‘discovery dive’ that's tailored for people with no diving experience. However, divers of all levels can train in the pool with their scuba dives, their freedives and it's even possible to acquire diving qualifications.

Deep Dive Dubai's Abdulla Bin Habtoor says that they're aspiring "to make diving accessible".


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