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Monday, Jul 04, 2022

Al-Wasel: Saudi Arabia overcomes pandemic with minimal losses

Al-Wasel: Saudi Arabia overcomes pandemic with minimal losses

Saudi Arabia affirmed that it has passed the phase of the COVID-19 pandemic period in a way that enabled it to overcome it with minimal losses.
Addressing the United Nations Human Rights Council, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Wasel, representative of Saudi Arabia to the UN in Geneva, said that the countries and peoples of the world face common challenges such as the coronavirus pandemic.

He underscored that international cooperation is an urgent necessity to confront any new challenges in the future as well as to raise the level of preparedness for future crises. It is also important to discuss ways to recover from the effects of the epidemic.

Al-Wasel also underscored the role of countries in addressing pandemics and other health emergencies.

“Saudi Arabia was able to overcome the phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in a distinctive way that enabled it to pass from that period with minimal losses, as it was one of the innovative experiences for it in crisis management.

“The Kingdom’s efforts have been instrumental in supporting the international community in easing the fallouts of the pandemic,” he said.

He noted that what distinguishes the Saudi experience is its cumulative experience over decades in dealing with epidemics and human crowds during the Hajj and Umrah seasons, as well as the Kingdom’s experience in combating the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in March 2012 and the years that followed.

“This has contributed to the well-thought-out and organized plans and procedures set by the Kingdom in combating the pandemic and now we are reaping the fruits of these measures,” he said.

Al-Wasel said that Saudi Arabia is receiving these days the first batches of Hajj pilgrims from around the world, and the government has taken all the precautionary measures to ensure health and safety of one million pilgrims from within the Kingdom and outside for the upcoming Hajj.

Al-Wasel said that Saudi Arabia, during its presidency of the G20 for the year 2020, led an international coalition, in cooperation with international organizations, to confront the pandemic, as well as to mitigate its impact on human health, businesses and the international economy and improve the level of international preparedness to combat pandemics and prevent any similar future crises.

“The outputs of this alliance have contributed to alleviating the negative effects of the epidemic on the health, economic, commercial and social realms during this year’s Hajj,” he added.

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