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Sunday, Sep 26, 2021

Business analytics for call-center representatives (Sauidization)

Business analytics for call-center representatives (Sauidization)

The strategic decision that has been taken by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to hire only Saudis inside call centers and providing a Saudi' welcome message, I strongly believe that there are endless possibilities for sustainable growth in this area for the Saudis in the short and long term.
The social advantage: citizens' lives while dealing with Saudi clients to solve their problems and take care of their issues would be easier; not harder for the caller and the receiver undoubtedly, this will increase eye-hand coordination.

The work advantage: we are expecting to witness improvement in the income related to this sector, considering it the front disk within all governmental and private sectors, knowing that those representing work's entity deserve to be appreciated differently. How much you are paying for your team, equal to the quality of service they will do to put your brand at the top level.

Leadership advantage: improving communication skills, preparing talented candidates with deep knowledge of strategic thinking in communication, call center customer service, and customer experience. Also, it helps to get commercial opportunities in the future.The cultural advantage: emphasizing the cultural identity an important indicator based on the global change influenced by how much the nations are implementing their soul and culture in all directions and actions under the vision rules. We want to be the public choice in making smart cultural decisions by using untraditional implementation methods.

Such an excellent decision by the Saudi Government for their keenness to establish an honest, passionate, and component environment. We value our leaders working hard to keep everything accountable to support the Saudi Vision 2030; it was great strategic action and direction. I can't wait to see what you will do next!

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