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Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021

Amazon boosts Saudi medical distributor's sales by 900%

Amazon boosts Saudi medical distributor's sales by 900%

Saudi medical appliance distributor Kayan Medical saw a nine-fold increase in sales after signing up as an seller.
Through, local businesses are empowered to grow their business through analytical tools and delivery options to maintain competitiveness.

“After registering as a seller and kicking off sales, we were surprised by the huge demand for our products, and we realized that selling through Amazon should not be temporary,” Kayan chairman, Sakher Al-Amir, said.

“As of 2021, our collaboration with Amazon has driven our sales to nine times what they were during 2019, in addition to streamlining our sales and delivery processes,” he said.

Amazon provides support to local small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia. It currently operates five fulfilment centers, 24 delivery stations, and two sorting centers across the Kingdom.

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