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Friday, Jul 01, 2022

Al-Jalajel: Saudi Arabia imparts historical lessons titled ‘Human First’ during pandemic

Al-Jalajel: Saudi Arabia imparts historical lessons titled ‘Human First’ during pandemic

Minister of Health Fahd Al-Jalajel thanked Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman on the occasion of the issuance of the decision to lift most of the precautionary measures and preventive protocols related to combating coronavirus pandemic.
He congratulated the country and leadership for this success that was achieved with the government’s generous support.

Al-Jalajel emphasized that Saudi Arabia provided historical lessons titled “Human First” to the entire world when the King issued directives for the provision of free treatment to all coronavirus infected patients, including citizens, expatriates and even violators of residency and labor regulations, without any legal consequences.

“The Kingdom also extended humanitarian initiatives to support COVID-19 patients in several countries around the world. Saudi Arabia gave top priority to human safety in a way transforming the Kingdom into a role model in addressing the global pandemic,” he said.

He noted that history would script that the Kingdom’s leadership harnessed all its capabilities to preserve human health without looking at the variables.

The minister emphasized that the Kingdom has proven its towering leadership throughout the pandemic period, starting with the initiative to take precautionary measures and preventive protocols as well as in the rate of immunization of citizens and residents with vaccines, which accounts for more than 95 percent.

He said that this contributed to reducing the number of infections by 87 percent, and bringing down the number of critical cases by 96 percent.

This at a time when a number of countries were witnessing a third wave of the spread of the virus forcing some countries to close schools and suspend commercial and social activities while the Kingdom overcame this wave without economic repercussions or the closure of vital activities for a long period of time, he added.

Al-Jalajel said that reaching the phase of taking the decision to lift most of the precautionary measures, despite the continuation of the pandemic globally, is the outcome of reaping the fruits of the generous support extended by the Saudi government for the sake of health of all those living in the Kingdom.

He lauded the integrative efforts between government and private agencies in combating the pandemic.

The minister also praised the role of citizens and residents in overcoming the coronavirus crisis through their response to adhering to precautions and taking vaccinations.

“This is what made us — by the grace of God — live the final chapter of the pandemic in the story of crossing our country safely to the land of safety,” he said while indicating that the Kingdom, under its wise leadership, will continue striving hard in monitoring and responding to all pandemics and epidemics.

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