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Monday, Jul 04, 2022

100% increase in National air carrier international airfares

100% increase in National air carrier international airfares

The international airfares of the National air carrier recorded an increase of more than 100 percent while compared to the airfares of other airlines for flights that depart from Saudi Arabia to various global destinations.
According to the monitoring of a random sample of ticket prices by Okaz/Saudi Gazette, the airfares of the Saudi national carrier flight bound for London from Jeddah amounted to about SR4,143 during the period between June 16 and 23, while the ticket fares of the national carrier of a neighboring country in the same route accounted for about SR2,058.

This figure marks an increase in the price of the local carrier by 101 percent while compared to its competitor.

According to the monitoring, there are three national carriers belonging to other countries, transporting travelers to and from Saudi Arabia via transit to the final destination. The airfares of these carries from Jeddah to London for the same period do not exceed SR3,000.

The airfares for the first national carrier amounted to about SR2,458 while the fares for the second carrier accounts for SR2,514 whereas the prices for the third carrier stood at SR2,993.

The ticket fares of the National air carrier from Jeddah to John F Kennedy International Airport in New York during the same period amounted to SR8,053, while the airfares of some carriers of neighboring countries with one transit amounted to less than SR6,000.

The ticket fares of two other national carriers amounted to SR5,355 and SR5,447 respectively.

The fares of a national carrier in a third country amounted to SR5,451 while the fares of a fourth national carrier is SR5,455. Meanwhile, the airfares for the national carrier of a European country amounted to SR5,672, it was revealed in the monitoring.

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