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Monday, Jan 24, 2022

Up to SR20,000 in fine for illegal logging

Up to SR20,000 in fine for illegal logging

The Special Forces for Environmental Security (SFES) warned that hefty penalties will be slapped on violators of logging regulations with a maximum fine of SR20,000 for each tree.
“Cutting down of trees from the lands of vegetation cover, as well as uprooting, transporting, razing or trading them without a license is against the Environmental Law. The penalty for the violations is fine up to SR20,000 for each tree,” sources at SFES said.

The SFES stressed that it will strictly implement the executive regulations of the Environmental Law and won’t show any leniency toward violators. It called on the public to report any cases that represent violation of the regulations with regard to environment or wildlife by calling on the number 911 in the regions of Makkah and Riyadh and the numbers 996 or 999 in all other regions of the Kingdom.

The Environmental Law and the Forest and Rangeland Law and their executive regulations prohibit logging as well as the sale or transportation of local firewood. The laws deal with the protection of vegetation, forests and rangelands and regulating their use.

There are provisions in the Forest and Rangeland Law to impose penalties against anyone who trades in local firewood or charcoal or transporting them with a fine ranging between SR10,000 and SR50,000 per ton. SFES noted that logging causes damage to vegetation cover and natural resources, rangelands, forests and parks, apart from leading to tree extinction and an increase in desertification.

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