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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Saudi students return to full class attendance

Saudi students return to full class attendance

Students in the Kingdom returned to in-class education in public, private and foreign schools, special education institutes and programs amid a national commitment to continue education with full attendance.
The Kingdom’s in-person educational process will begin in the third semester. It will mark a return to morning assemblies, physical sports, non-class activities, school radio, school canteens and the end of social distancing measures.

However, other security and safety conditions remain, and school facilities will be regularly sanitized. It follows the completion of immunization plans for educational and administrative personnel, workers and students aged over 12.

The Ministry of Education stressed the importance of applying rules of conduct and updated attendance measures for students at schools.

Education directorates have also stressed the role of supervisors and teachers, in addition to the application of procedures accredited by the Health Ministry and Public Health Authority.

Saudi Arabia recently lifted precautionary and preventive measures related to combating the coronavirus pandemic.

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