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Monday, Nov 28, 2022

Saudi Arabia to designate 30% of its territory as protected land by 2030

Saudi Arabia to designate 30% of its territory as protected land by 2030

The National Center for Wildlife Development has confirmed that the ratio of protected land in Saudi Arabia will reach 30% of the Kingdom's territory by 2030.
The center made the announcement during its participation in an exhibition that accompanied the Saudi Green Forum, which is being held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. The forum will run until Nov. 18.

The Center's CEO, Dr. Mohammad Qurban, stated that the center plans to launch three initiatives, namely: raising the percentage of protected areas, propagation and resettlement of endangered species, and rehabilitation of damaged marine and coastal environments.

Qurban said the increase in the ratio of protected areas will cover wild and marine environments. The protected wild land has reached 16.2% while protected waters reached 5.5%, he added.

The center aims to designate 22% of wild areas and 24% of marine areas as protected by 2025, and expand it to 30% by 2030, Qurban said.

He noted that, within the initiative, the center implements programs for breeding and resettlement of endangered species through two research centers in Riyadh and Taif.

The breeding programs currently include six endangered species: the Arabian oryx, the reem antelope, human antelope, mountain ibex, Asian bustard, and the red-necked ostrich.

Qurban also noted that the center is working on studying the current situation and evaluating marine environments and species in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf and their coasts, in addition to the rehabilitation of ecologically sensitive and fragile environments.

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