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Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

Riyadh implementing 'My Health in My School' program to prepare for the new school year

Riyadh implementing 'My Health in My School' program to prepare for the new school year

The Riyadh Education Department is implementing a health program under the slogan “My Health in My School” in cooperation with the health sectors in the capital city to prepare students for the new academic year.
The program comes within the framework of the education departments in Riyadh preparing to welcome students to the new school year while achieving a safe and healthy return to the school, which will have in-person learning.

The Director of the School Health Affairs Department Dr. Hamad Al-Hajri explained that the program aims to prepare the school community, especially students and parents, to gear up for the new school year.

The program plans to raise awareness and inform the community of school health programs and initiatives and their positive impact on promoting public health.

The director said that the program includes programs and initiatives such as the first-grade entrance examination “fitness test”, and the health exploratory examination for school students.

The examination aims to create a statistical database for the student’s health, monitor levels of growth and physical development for them, and inform parents of any detected health problems.

After informing the student’s guardian about the detected health problem, the guardian determines an appropriate date to visit the nearest health center through the Ministry of Health’s application.

The director stated that the program must be followed in adherence with the preventive guideline approved by the “Weqaya” Center, in order to prevent infection with the emerging coronavirus.

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