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Friday, Oct 07, 2022

Public Security Chief: Saudi Arabia to deal sternly with trafficking in persons

Public Security Chief: Saudi Arabia to deal sternly with trafficking in persons

Director of Public Security Lt. Gen. Muhammad Al-Bassami reaffirmed that Saudi Arabia is attaching great significance to protecting human rights, and safeguarding the rights and interests of individuals and society.
The country is keen on protecting the lives of people as well as their money and honor, and making them available better-living conditions, he said in a statement on the occasion of the World Day against Trafficking in Persons that falls on July 30.

Al-Bassami stated that Public Security is keen on mobilizing all its capabilities to combat human trafficking crimes and executing the relevant regulations and instructions in order to deliver justice, and that is in cooperation with the concerned authorities. “The ministry works hard with other ministries and relevant authorities to ensure adequate protection and combat crimes of trafficking in persons. It also follows up on the arrest of perpetrators and refers them to the competent authorities to implement the orders and instructions issued in this regard to protect human lives in the Kingdom,” he said.

Al-Bassami emphasized that the protection of human rights in Saudi Arabia comes in line with the teachings of the Islamic Shariah. “Saudi Arabia has established a special body for this and that is linked to the Prime Minister, and this was followed by the adoption of the Anti-trafficking in Persons Law, and its implementation was entrusted to a number of official authorities dealing with crimes of trafficking in persons and the application of penalties stipulated in the law in accordance with the nature of each crime. These are based on the provisions of the Islamic Shariah and the domestic and international laws as these procedures and regulations have strengthened Saudi Arabia’s position internationally as one of the leading countries in combating such crimes,” he said.

Al-Bassami noted that the United Nations General Assembly decided to observe July 30 of each year as the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, as trafficking in persons is one of the most important challenges facing the present day world and a threat to human dignity, rights, and exploitation.

“The Public Security is participating with all sectors responsible for combating such crimes and Public Security men are taking preliminary measures and collect evidence in accordance with the Criminal Procedures Law when they receive complaints around the clock, prior to bringing the accused to justice,” he added.

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