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Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022

Over 16,000 IDs of Saudi citizens renewed online via Absher

Over 16,000 IDs of Saudi citizens renewed online via Absher

The Civil Status Agency has announced that more than 16,000 national IDs of Saudi citizens have been renewed electronically ever since the launch of the e-renewal service by Absher online platform.
Saudi men and women, whose national ID has a period of 180 days or less for the expiry, can renew it via the Absher service.

The Absher service facilitates the renewal of ID for citizens without the need to personally visit the headquarters of the Civil Status Agency. The latest facial recognition technology is being used for the online renewal of ID.

The Absher platform clarified the steps to be followed to obtain the service. Accordingly, the user should enter the Absher platform and click on the ‘My Services,’ and choose ‘Services’, then ‘Civil Status’ and then click on the ‘National Identity Renewal’ icon.

After these steps, the user must read the correct status of the photo and upload his personal photo according to what is required of him, and then he will be able to choose his own address to receive the national ID and pay the delivery fees.

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