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Saturday, Aug 20, 2022

Over 104,000 pilgrims go home via Madinah Airport

Over 104,000 pilgrims go home via Madinah Airport

As many as 11,648 pilgrims of various nationalities left for their home countries via Madinah Airport to their countries on Monday, bringing the total number of pilgrims who left through the airport to 104,635, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
The Saudi news agency said the authorities implemented a specific program for the departure of the pilgrims, which starts with setting the time for pilgrims to leave their residences by buses in order to arrive at the airport 4 hours ahead of the scheduled departure of flights to finish travel procedures and prevent overcrowding.

SPA has been monitoring regulatory efforts exerted by various authorities concerned with Hajj activities at Madinah Airport.

During the post-Hajj season, Madinah received 228,916 pilgrims, who came to pray at the Prophet's Holy Mosque and visit religious and historical monuments in the Prophet’s city.

According to statistics on arriving and departing pilgrims in Madinah, 145,318 pilgrims have left Madinah through various ports. Statistics also showed that the number of pilgrims staying in Madinah as of Tuesday totaled 83,598 pilgrims of various nationalities.

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