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Monday, Nov 28, 2022

MoH urges people to wear masks to avoid seasonal flu

MoH urges people to wear masks to avoid seasonal flu

The Health Ministry (MoH) called on everyone to abide by wearing facemasks to avoid seasonal flu.
MoH said that people must avoid touching their eyes and mouth directly, an addition to the importance of receiving the vaccine.

People must be keen on keeping all places clean, along with the necessity of washing hands, as well as using tissues upon sneezing, MoH said.

The ministry revealed the symptoms that appear on a person with seasonal influenza, which include several things, such as shivering and sweating, and a high temperature of more than 38 degrees.

In addition to these symptoms, it will also be accompanied by muscle pain, headache, sore throat, as well as a continuous cough, dryness and a runny nose.

The ministry noted that this seasonal flu infection causes a number of complications in some people, the most important of which are pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infection, blood poisoning, and death.

It is worth mentioning that MoH has launched an awareness campaign to vaccinate against seasonal influenza under the slogan (The Moment You Don’t Wish), targeting the people most affected by it.

The most notable are the elderly, people with chronic diseases, and those who suffering from immunodeficiency, in addition to the pregnant women, health workers, and the general community members.

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