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Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

MoH adds 'Medical Insurance Approvals' service in Sehhaty app

MoH adds 'Medical Insurance Approvals' service in Sehhaty app

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has added the "Medical Insurance Approvals" service in the Sehhaty application.
The individuals can now review their approvals of the medical insurance in the Sehhaty app under the icon "health profile" which includes several information of the person.

The health profile icon would facilitate the individuals to view their medical information as it shows the personal data, medicines and prescriptions, Sehhaty wallet, vaccinations and medical reports.

The addition of the Medical Insurance Approvals service in the Sehhaty app comes within the Ministry of Health’s decision to make the Sehhaty app the national e-platform for providing healthcare services to individuals.

It is worth mentioning that the MoH had announced earlier the signing of an agreement in cooperation with the Digital Government Authority (DGA) to merge all health sector platforms.

All government bodies in the health sector will be integrated with Sehhaty to provide health services through the app.

The agreement between the MoH and DGA aimed at several matters, such as merging the health sector apps and platforms and improving the beneficiary's experience in the health sector as well as facilitating and accelerating the deal with the government bodies.

Additionally, it also aims to provide consultation services with regard to digital government and achieve efficiency of digital spending for government services.

The agreement will have a positive impact on the beneficiaries, as it would raise the satisfaction rate, increase the level of the digital maturing and unify data sources, in addition to achieving a better level of services.

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