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Monday, Nov 28, 2022

MOC announces scientific grants for 'Saudi coffee researches'

MOC announces scientific grants for 'Saudi coffee researches'

The Ministry of Culture has announced in cooperation with the Saudi Coffee Company of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), the launch of a grant for the "Saudi coffee researches", in order to encourage the researchers to carry out scientific papers and researches in the field of Saudi coffee.
The "Saudi Coffee Research" grant covers 3 tracks, the first of which is coffee in the Arabian Peninsula, as it will be about the historical roots of coffee in the Arabian Peninsula.

The course of "Coffee in the Arabian Peninsula" revolves around many things, including the ancient trade routes that were used to transport coffee, in addition to the history of the coffee industry and its spread in Saudi Arabia, as well as the most prominent historical events associated with it.

As for the second track of the grant, it will be about the development of local cultural content, through which the track seeks for researches to promote and develop locally produced Saudi coffee in government procurement.

The development of local cultural content track would also contribute in achieving a sustainable Saudi economy, in addition to promoting the preservation of the original Saudi heritage elements.

The third track will focus on "the intangible cultural heritage associated with Saudi coffee." It will revolve around the study of knowledge and skills related to traditions and oral expressions.

The third track research will also include performance arts and music, in addition to social practices, rituals, ceremonial occasions and traditional crafts of Saudi coffee, as well as the relationship between human and nature within the relevant knowledge and practices.

The grant launched by the Ministry of Culture aims to cover several things, including strengthening national identity, highlighting the intangible heritage associated with Saudi coffee.

Among the grant’s objectives is also to preserve the Saudi cultural heritage and its values, as well as to sponsor creativity and creative people in the field of Saudi coffee, and to develop its industry, in addition to studying the reality of the market for Saudi coffee.

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