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Thursday, Jan 20, 2022

Ministry invites bids to build Taif Rose City 

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture offered on Wednesday opportunities to invest in the proposed Taif Rose City in the Makkah region.
The ministry said that the Taif Rose City will be established with the purpose of developing the cultivation of Taif roses and further boosting tourist activities in the region. The rose city project will be established on a total area covering 85 million square meters. The ministry announced that the last date for submitting bids for investment in the city is March 29, 2022 (Shaaban 26, 1443) and the date for opening bids is March 30.

Those who are interested in the project can contact the headquarters of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, exit 12 at the branch of the Joint Services Agency in Riyadh or the Ministry’s office in Taif, to obtain a copy of the brochure for the terms and conditions for participating in the investment bids.

Taif is famous for its variety of precious roses and rose products. In the so-called City of Roses, more than 900 rose farms produce more than 300 million flowers every spring. The harvest is taken to factories across the city and distilled into some of the world’s most expensive rose oil as well as rose water, which is mixed into the perfumes of international luxury brands.

Visitors and tourists from across the world travel to Taif to revel in the Taif Rose Festival, held every April month of the year. The festival is arranged with local rose farmers, offering a bloom of activities, including a display of distillations of rose water and rose oil. Colors of orange, red, yellow, purple, pink and white roses delight thousands of festival goers from within the Kingdom and abroad.

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