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Thursday, Jan 20, 2022

LuLu Saudi Arabia wins PCI DSS recognition for cybersecurity measures

LuLu Saudi Arabia wins PCI DSS recognition for cybersecurity measures

LuLu Hypermarket, the leading regional retail chain celebrated a significant success story this week when it became the first Hypermarket chain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to receive international recognition for the robust data security environment that it has in place throughout its chain of 24 retail outlets in the Kingdom.
Crossbow Labs, the leading Cybersecurity compliance and certification body in the region, issued the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Certification of Compliance to LuLu Hypermarket. The certificate was received by Saudi Arabia LuLu Hypermarkets Director Shehim Mohammed in the regional office.

LuLu Hypermarket officials expressed their pleasure at receiving the PCI-DSS Certification from Crossbow Labs, one of the leading cyber security compliance and certification bodies in the region. They added that this was an acknowledgement of the stringent security practices the hypermarket employs to secure customers’ payment transaction, information and other personal data, across all its stores in Saudi Arabia.

“The certification not only recognizes LuLu Hypermarket’s compliance to all PCI-DSS standards, it also provides customers with a layer of assurance that the details of their transactions are securely handled and not stored with LuLu Hypermarkets in any manner,” said CIO Piyush Kumar Chowhan.

“Over the last few years, in view of LuLu Hypermarket’s extensive and growing operations in Saudi Arabia and around the world, and in the face of increasing and evolving cybersecurity threats, it has become imperative to employ a safe and secure data protection system that adopts international best practices in cybersecurity initiatives.

“The hypermarket’s adherence to security protocols that are on par with the best in the world, in order to protect their data and payment card details, further strengthens customers’ trust in the hypermarket. The PCI DSS certification is an acknowledgement of these security efforts aimed at keeping data breaches at bay and protecting the hypermarket from both monetary and reputational damage.”

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