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Friday, Dec 02, 2022

Lebanon: LF Leader Says Open to All Solutions to Avoid Disrupting Presidential Elections

Lebanon: LF Leader Says Open to All Solutions to Avoid Disrupting Presidential Elections

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea affirmed his openness to all solutions to avoid disrupting the presidential elections, including negotiating with the deputies who did not name anyone in the last session if they had a serious proposal.
He criticized the lawmakers who did not vote for any candidate, accusing them of wasting their votes and helping those who sought to disrupt the elections.

Member of Parliament Michel Moawad received 42 votes in the last parliamentary session to elect a president, including the votes of LF lawmakers and its allies. At the same time, the session saw 55 blank notes and 17 ballots for a "new Lebanon," which were nullified.

Geagea said on Friday during a meeting with students in NDU that if Michel Moawad had obtained 66 votes in the last presidential election session, “then reality would have imposed itself."

He noted that the other party would have no longer been able to disrupt the quorum because it would eventually have to head to elections, given that there is a candidate who received the majority.

Geagea said, during his meeting with the LF students at NDU University after they won student elections, that the 22 MPs can save the country from the vacuum in the next session if they don't waste their votes.

He indicated that there is plenty of time for talks to reach a solution, adding that the party is open to all resolutions and ready to negotiate with a representative if they have a serious proposal.

The 22 MPs can make this vote succeed, and we are waiting for their proposals," Geagea insisted.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah is also pushing for consensus on a presidential candidate.

The member of Hezbollah’s Shura Council, Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek, said that the parliament sessions are still taking place without electing a president, asserting that no bloc or party will be able to impose a president, regardless of the foreign support it receives.

Yazbek said the lawmakers must negotiate and agree on a candidate representing the Lebanese and not a president for a particular group.

He asserted that all members of the parliament must agree on a solid figure representing Lebanon, its people, army, and resistance, stating that there is no turning back and the theory of “Lebanon’s strength in its weakness” has ended.

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