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Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021

L20 head praises Saudi Arabia's influential role in the premier grouping

L20 head praises Saudi Arabia's influential role in the premier grouping

The Chairman of the National Committee of Labor Committees, Chairman of the Workers Communication Group (L20) in G20, Eng. Nasser Abdulaziz Al-Juraid, praised the Kingdom’s pioneering role in the region and the world and its influence on the regional and international levels.
In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency on the occasion of the Kingdom's participation in the G20 Leaders Summit in Italy, he said that the Kingdom's presidency during the past year 2020 of the G20 Leaders reflects the pivotal and influential role it has, indicating that the countries of the group constitute two-thirds of the world's population, and comprise 85% of the world's population 75% of global trade.

He stated that the purpose of the workers' group's mission is to promote workers' rights and interests and to make recommendations to other working groups in the G20, Sherpa track meetings, employment working group meetings, and labor and employment ministers' meetings.

Al-Jurid indicated that the Workers Communication Group (L20) is one of the independent communication groups in the G20, headed by the trade union in the host country in partnership with the International Trade Union Confederation and the Advisory Committee for International Trade Unions.

These organizations work with their counterparts in the G20 countries to represent the interests of workers around the world and to develop recommendations related to labor regulations to be formally submitted to the leaders of the G20 for consideration.

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