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Monday, Nov 28, 2022

Kuwait reaffirms unwavering support for Palestinian cause at UN panel meeting

Kuwait reaffirms unwavering support for Palestinian cause at UN panel meeting

Kuwaiti Diplomatic Attache Suleiman Hamada has said his country remains a firm supporter of the Palestinian people and will back their quest for legitimate rights at all international events.
Hamada also urged the international community to end Palestinians’ decades of suffering at the UN panel meeting on Monday, the Kuwait News Agency reported.

He added that Kuwait would continue to stand by Palestinian and Syrian people until their legitimate rights, as enshrined in relevant international resolutions, were restored.

Citing the UN secretary-general’s report on violations of human rights, he condemned Israel’s insistence on imposing arbitrary administrative, security and other restrictions on Palestinians and Syrians.

Hamada also denounced current Israeli attempts to alter the demographics of Palestinian territories, pointing to more than 50 years of violations of all moral and legal principles.

He said that by seizing additional Palestinian lands and constructing more settlements, it was undermining all efforts to achieve sustainable development goals.

The diplomat reiterated the UN secretary-general’s recent comments that Israel’s decision to impose its laws and administrative authority on the Golan Heights is legally void.

He said that continued construction of Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the Golan Heights is a major impediment to economic and social development.

Hamada’s remarks echoed those of Mohammed Al-Sawagh, Kuwait’s permanent delegate to the UN, who had renewed his country’s firm stance against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories prior to the Fourth Committee of the General Assembly.

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