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Friday, Dec 02, 2022

Kingdom’s regulations guarantee secure environment for children, NSHR president says

Kingdom’s regulations guarantee secure environment for children, NSHR president says

National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) President Khalid Bin Abdurrahman Al-Fakhri affirmed that the laws and regulations in the Kingdom guarantee a secure environment for children.
He added that a law protecting all minors has been enacted to combat abuse and neglect that a kid may encounter in the community.

He cited the rights decided upon Islamic Shariah and established by international regulations and agreements to which the Kingdom has become a party.

On Nov. 20, which is "World Children's Day," he said in a statement that "certain behaviors that involve children should be avoided because they constitute abuse or neglect of the child.

“These behaviors include interfering with the child's education, mistreating him, harassing him, or exposing him to exploitation.

“They also include using demeaning language that diminishes the child's dignity, treating him unfairly for any reason, or bullying him."

"There is no doubt that the Kingdom's special system for children contributed to the preservation and constancy of children's rights.

“The issue calls for the relevant executive authorities to step up awareness campaigns aimed at children and those who work with them.

“By delivering messages about children's rights in a way that speaks to their minds and age group, spreading awareness of children's rights also helps youngsters become more conscious of their rights.

“In order to nurture the child in a secure and healthy atmosphere, it is also necessary to concentrate on monitoring any crimes committed against the child," Al-Fakhri concluded.

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