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Friday, Jul 01, 2022

King Salman Reserve witnesses birth of Arabian Oryx for first time in 90 years

The King Salman Royal Reserve in the Northern Borders Region witnessed the first birth of an Arabian Oryx, and this happened after a gap of 90 years in this natural reserve.
This birth comes as a culmination of the cooperation between the King Salman Royal Reserve Development Authority and the National Center for Wildlife, which resulted in the release of a number of Oryx in the reserve in March this year, as part of the reintroduction programs for endangered species in their natural habitats.

The return of the white oryx to these areas and its natural reproduction represents an environmental achievement that contributes to the balance of the environment, as well as the enrichment of biodiversity.

It is also a major boost to the preservation of these species, which disappeared from the region for decades as a result of many environmental pressures, reckless hunting and loss of vegetation cover that led to a decrease in its numbers and then its disappearance from the wild.

The Arabian Oryx or white oryx is the largest land mammal in the Arabian Peninsula, and the weight of an adult reaches 80 kilograms.

It is characterized by white color in most of the body except for the face and feet, which are distinguished by their dark color.

The Arabian Oryx also distinguishes itself with long, straight or slightly curved horns and a tufted tail. The horns of males are thicker and shorter than those of females, and they have broad hooves that facilitate their movement on soft sand.

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