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Thursday, Jul 07, 2022

Heritage Commission to renovate partially collapsed Sahoud Palace in Mubarraz

Heritage Commission to renovate partially collapsed Sahoud Palace in Mubarraz

Saudi Arabia’s Heritage Commission said that the historic Sahoud Palace in the city of Mubarraz in Al-Ahsa governorate in the Eastern Province had collapsed partially on Sunday.
There were no injuries or major damage caused by the collapse that happened in one of the sides of the western tower of the fort located in Al-Hazm neighborhood of Mubarraz, the commission said while noting that it will soon renovate the palace.

The commission stated that a team from its branch in Al-Ahsa governorate will soon start the preservation and renovation works of the damaged parts of the heritage site, and that is in coordination with the concerned authorities in the governorate.

The commission stressed that work is currently under way on a project to refurbish the site, and to complete the existing maintenance and restoration works.

“This is within a number of projects being implemented by the commission to protect and renovate a number of urban heritage sites in various regions of Saudi Arabia,” it said.

The commission stated that all the buildings and cultural heritage sites that it owns would be covered under insurance in order to ensure their preservation.

The commission underscored its keenness to protect and activate all cultural heritage sites in Saudi Arabia, and to provide all requirements for their maintenance and sustainability, based on its responsibilities towards serving the national heritage in all its tangible and intangible forms.

Sahoud Palace is considered as one of the most important archaeological monuments in Al-Ahsa that emphasizes the region’s rich history. Sahoud Palace was built in the 7th century by the princes of Bani Khalid tribe to guard the land north of Mubarraz.

The palace was named after its large eponymous cannon and covers an estimated 17,050 square meters. It is located on a high rectangular hill around 60 meters in length and 90 meters in width.

Sahoud Palace has witnessed many historic events and was built with local materials such as mud brick and straw. This strong fortress is characterized by its thick interior and exterior walls, winding staircases, seven beautifully designed circular towers, multiple rooms and stone ceilings supported by palm trunks.

In addition, its main gate was provided with niches enabling defenders to easily fire at their enemies. The Ministry of Tourism announced a project to restore the palace and its mosque because of its historical significance and unique architecture.

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