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Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

Dubai court orders Sanjay Shah, others to pay Denmark $1 billion

Dubai court orders Sanjay Shah, others to pay Denmark $1 billion

A Dubai court has ordered Sanjay Shah and several other people and companies tied to the hedge fund trader to repay Denmark more than 8 billion kroner ($1.1 billion), broadcaster DR reported on Thursday citing tax authorities.
The Danish Tax Agency, which confirmed the ruling, said it “is satisfied with the decision of the appellate court against one of the central players in the fraud committed against Denmark.”

The agency declined to provide further details or confirm the amount.

Denmark has sought to claw back more than $2 billion that authorities said networks of bankers, lawyers and others defrauded the country out of.

Shah was named as the mastermind of the scheme in which pension plans filed for tax returns to which they weren’t entitled, because they never paid the taxes to begin with. Shah maintained his innocence.

Jack Irvine, a spokesman for Shah, said that his lawyers intend to lodge an appeal. Bloomberg couldn’t confirm the ruling directly with the Dubai court.

Shah, who was arrested in Dubai earlier this year, won’t be extradited to Denmark to face charges in connection cum-ex case, a court in the country ruled Monday.

Denmark and the United Arab Emirates signed an extradition deal in March, with Shah’s handover being one of the main purposes.

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